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Task - My multi-Cultural Family

I was born in England, so were my two brothers. Robin and John. My mother is Chinese. She is Singaporean. My father is English. We now live in Singapore. At home we all speak English, though my mother speaks Mandarin to us. We love visiting our maternal grandparents on weekends. I get to stay with them during the school vacation. They cook our favourite Chinese dishes for us. My grandmother taught me how to bake the pineapple tarts we had for Chinese New Year. My Australian aunt bakes the best mince pies. I will be a great cook with all the training
Judy Meiyin Brown, 12

Answer these questions based on the reading text..!!
1.    How many brothers does she have? Who are they?
2.    Her mother is …………….
3.    Where do they live?
4.    At home, they usually speak …………
5.    When does Judy get to stay with her maternal grandparents?
6.    What did her grandmother teach to her?
7.    Who is the writer of the text?

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