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What Are We Doing to Our Planet?

global warming
How are you today my students? You keep smiling, right? As you know today we are going to have the last Reading text of Level 6 academic years 2012/2013. Mr yakin kalian sudah membaca dan memahami Reading di Unit 7: The Lost Spaceship. Kosakata (Vocabulary) kalian juga tambah terus. Right, lansung saja kita akan membaca bersama sebuah tema yang sangat berhubungan dengan kehidupan kita. Yes, that is about The Environment, lebih khususnya kita akan membaca sebuah Reading text : What are we doing to our planet?

Right, lansung saja kita baca bareng-bareng biar kita tahu caranya memelihara dan merawat bumi kita. Listen carefully then read loudly...!!!

What Are We Doing to Our Planet?

1. Air Pollution

Air pollution has many causes. Factories, cars, trucks, and panes burn fuel and send poisonous gases into the air. These make us sick. Then, in some parts of the planet, large areas of forest are burned every year for farming. The smoke goes into the air, too. We need to use cleaner sources of energy, for example solar energy, wind energy, and the natural force of the water in big rivers. 

2. Global Warming

Have you ever been inside a car, parked in the sun? When the windows are closed, it gets hotter and hotter inside the car. The poisonous gases around the Earth are similar to the closed windows in the car. The Earth gets hotter and hotter. This is called global warming. Some scientist think this is changing the climate. In some parts of the Earth it rains a lot; in other parts it doesn`t rain for years. This is really bad for all living things on Earth. We must stop poisoning the air!

3. Tons of Garbage

Billions of tons of garbage are produced by humans every year. Soda cans, plastic bottles, and bags are big problem. They accumulate on land and in rivers, streams, and oceans, and kill many sea animals. We must reduce the amount of plastic and metal we use, reuse what we can, recycle the rest.

It`s little hard reading text, right? Agak sulit ya, apalagi kosakata yang dipakai juga masih banyak yang asing, but it doesn`t matter. That`s enough today, jika kalian masih kurang lancar dan belum paham silahkan kalian ulang-ulang, boleh kok sesekali buka Google Translate, he.. he.. OK, thank you very much, see you later and don`t forget being ready for Final Test. Good luck for you all..!!!

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