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How to say "Sorry" in English

We can make mistakes when we say English, especially How to say "sorry" or how to apologize. To minimize the one, these are some statement that we can use to say "sorry" in English.

Some ways to Apologize:
I`m sorry.
I`m so sorry..!!
Sorry for your loss (a person or pet died)
Sorry to hear that (after someone shares bad news example a child`s illness or a job loss)
I apologize (When you made an error)
Sorry for keeping your waiting (when we come late)
Sorry I`m late.
Please for give me.
Sorry, I didn`t to do that. (you did something by accident)
Excuse me (you need to get by OR your body released gas)
Pardon me (you need to interrupt OR same as "excuse me")

I owe you an apology. (your mistake happened a while ago)

Common Gestures that go with Apologies:
With eye contact (look into the other’s person’s eyes as you say “sorry”)
Hold one hand in front of your mouth after you make a mistake
Hold a hand over your heart as you say sorry
Wide eyes and mouth show how sorry you are

When words are not enough:
bring flowers
bring a hot coffee or tea
bring a cup of tea
leave an apology phone message
send an e-card
send an e-mail
send sort massage service (SMS)

Slang for “I’m sorry”
My bad (common among teenagers)
Whoops (casual)
Oops, sorry. (casual or sarcastic)

There is a very popular song that uses a common English phrase for a repeated mistake: “Oops, I did it again.”

Those are some statement how to say "sorry" in English.. Happy nice practice your speaking my students..

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