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# Preposistion - ON, IN, & AT

In this time we are going to talk about Preposition. Only three preposition that we are going to discuss in this time. They are ON, IN, and AT. The meaning of those preposition in Indonesian is "di". In English there are some differences in using of these prepositions.

# ON
a. Dipakai untuk benda yang berada di atas benda lain / menempel
    Example : - I put my bag on the table
                    - He sits down on the table
                    - There is a beautiful picture on the wall
                    - There is a white board on the wall, etc

b. Day / Date
    Example : - Toni went to Singapore on Sunday
                    - Beth goes to Grandma`s home on March 21st, 2012
                    - I will visit to your home on Monday, June 4th, 2012, etc

c. Address (Street only)
    Example : - My school places on Adi Sumarmo street
                    - The post office is on Jl. Slamet Riyadi

# IN
a. Ketika benda di dalam benda lain
    Example : - There are some chairs in the classroom
                    - My mother keeps her money in the wallet
                    - Chuck places his pencil in the pencil case, etc.

b. City / Country 
    Example : - I live in New York
                    - Son Yoon has family in Japan
                    -They are in Jakarta

c. Month / Year
    Example : - We will go to China in July
                    - She will visit my home in September
                    - I was born in 1985
                    - Indonesia independent day was in 1945, etc.

# AT
a. Location & Night - Undetectable
    Example : - Terry left his bag at school
                    - I usually study at night
                    - She waits me at hall

b. Time 
    Example : - He usually get up at 4 o`clock
                    - We watched the movie at 19.30 pm last night, etc

c. Full Address 
    Example : - Chip lives at Jl. Tendean, no.21, Jakarta
                    - They are looking for someone at Daan Mogot street, no.13, Jakarta

Those are the differences using of ON, IN, and AT Preposition.

OK...!!! Sudah paham anak-anak??? Coba sekarang kalian kerjakan beberapa soal latihan di # OLT: Task CN - UC Noun & Preposition

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