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Kisi - Kisi Ujian Kenaikan Kelas - Bhs. Inggris

Exc : Mexico – Spanish     Malaysia – Malay
      Australia – English     Japan – Japanese, etc
* Do =) They, We, I, You   * Does =) She, He, It
Adv : sometime, often, usually, everyday, every morning, etc.
3. SimplePast tense 
*Did    Adv : yesterday, a go, last night, last week, etc
4. Date & Time
Exc : It is Sunday, May 21st, 2010
            It is Monday, August 5th, 2010
            It is ten past eleven
            It is a quarter to three
            It is a half to four
Exc : That car is bigger than motor cycle
            Yuli is older than Roni
            Faisal is taller than Rudy, etc
6. Daily Activity
     It`s related to Simple Present Tense, So, You can open Simple Present Tense.
Exc : Pray subuh, Get up, Take a bath, have breakfast, comb my hair, go to school.
7. Preposition (on, in, at, above)
*ON = Diatas benda lain, Day / Date, Address (Street only)
Exc : There is a book on the table
                   I go to Jakarta on Sunday / on January 3rd, 2011
                   The post office places on Adi Sumarmo street 
*IN = Dalam Benda, City / Country, Month
Exc : My mother keeps her money in wallet
                    My family lives in Solo
                    Andri will visit my home in June
*AT = Location, Time, Full Address
Exc : He left his bag at home
                    I go to school at a half past six everymorning
                    She lives at Slamet Riyadi Street, no. 23, Surakarta
8. SimpleFuture Tense (will) 
    Exc : My uncle will come to my home next week 
     Adv : tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, next time, …later.
9. Tobe (am, is, are, will be) = if there is no VERB 
    Exc ; I am a student of SDII AL ABIDIN
            She is my mother, etc
10. SimpleContinouos Tense (To be + Ving) 
     Exc : They are watching movie now      
     ADV : now, at present, in this time, right now
*There is
*There are
13. Super Kids – Unit 6 – Unit 9
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