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How to Make English be More Interesting

Some tips make Elementary School students prefer studying English. Elementary students tend to prefer playing than studying, so that we usually find some difficulties how to make English more interesting. Many students can be bored when we teach English. As we know it`s related to how to conduct in our classroom.
From their habits, we can find some methods for their studying that can make students interested in English, we can use studied method with such kind of playing, like singing and games.
Using song in our study, we can ask our students to be active when study English going on. Thus, they can leave their bored for English. We can use some audios for playing English song or we are as English teacher sing English song directly in front of classroom.
When we use sing a song to our study, actually we have used some kinds of studying, such as; Listening, Speaking, Repetition, and Pronunciations. We can use some songs of Old Mc Donald, from that song we can teach about animals and its sound, song Give thanks to Allah, Bismillah – Yusuf Islam, Mother, etc.
Games, yes. It`s one thing that our students like. We can make some games containing about our lesson in English subject of course, such as :
1. Puzzle
For example we make small boxes on the paper containing alphabet letter, then we write some words on the white board, after that we ask them to find the words on the boxes. From here we have conducted Vocabulary lesson, because they read and find the words automatically. Cheese, some quiz, etc
2. Greeting Card & Motivation / Reward Card
Greeting Card Game is a game that asking student to make some positive or motivation or reward cards and colorful. Then give it to their friends.
Sometimes we can use some motivation card for the excellent student or great student or the student who can answer our question or for the best group in our game.
The cards can be written “Wonderful, Great, Fantastic, Super, Awesome, Perfect, Cool, Excellent, Terrific, Good job, Very Good, Great Work, Nice Work, Well Done, Way to go, and Keep up the good work”. We can use them in mini card, so that our student will be happy very much when they get it. And they will have high desire to have competition.
3. Commands
We can use game anytime, anyplace, and anywhere when we have teach. For example in Opening ceremony; we can ask the to do some things such as: Close the door Please …!!!, Open the door..!!!, etc.

I think that`s all for my tips how to make English more interesting to our students. We can other tricks and we can share to others.
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