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Some Tips to Make English Club more Interesting

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How to start English Club or how to make English club more successful and more interesting, follow these tips :

1.       Make English club now
English club is a group of at least ten people who:
a.    Really want to improve their English
b.    Meet regularly
c.     Belong to the club because they want to, not they must, and
d.    Are all keen to active & helpful members.
2.       Starting an English Club
Here some suggestions how to start English Club:
a.    Find others people who are interested in improving & practicing their English. They can be :
                                          i.       People who go to school or university
                                        ii.       People who work with you
                                       iii.       People who life in your neighborhood
b.     Get together & talk about starting English club
Where you meet?
How often you meet?
How long can the meeting be?
What can you do at meetings?
c.     Talk about structure of your club with the members of club
It`s recommended that all groups have a committee. This committee should have a leader, a secretary, a treasurer, and a correspondence person. Decide if these positions are for just six month or one year.
d.    Talk together with all members & decide about the rules & regulations of your club.
Such as; should members pay weekly or monthly fee, if they do, what will the fees for?, is it okay for members to speak others languages during club meetings?
3.       We want our club to be the best
If leader club want their clubs to be good, they need to be energetic, well organized, and responsible. However, club leader are also busy in others area. They cannot always be expected to do everything. It sometime can be difficult for them to contribute full time for running the club.
During five years, club have stopped meeting because their leader have been too busy, have moved to another city or have the left the club. If that happens in your club there should be people ready to take over the position. So that the club can continue operating successful.
4.        Successful Club Meeting
There are two words which all clubs should remember when hinking about meetings-Planning & Fun
Planning is the key to successful meeting
Fun activities help club members use their English in a relaxed way that brings better results.
The committee & members of each club decide what activities they will do at their meetings. Perhaps some grammar works could be done at club meeting but make sure it is in a fun way, not the same as an English lesson. Here, a couple suggestions to make grammar more interesting:
·         Club members could suggest grammar points that they want to practice at the next meeting.
·         Perhaps a grammar problem could be a topic of a short discussion in English. There are may be one or two people who can explain it well. This could be helpful for those people who are confused about it.
5.       Topics for Club Meeting
Club often has topics for their meetings. This is a good idea when club will prepare for the meeting what will they want to & what time have to. The most important is club should decide the topic for each meeting.
Members can revise vocabulary, grammar & structure before they attend the meeting. The preparation may help member to speak more confident. We can give them some formula, such as:
·         Be sure that the members know the topic at least one week before the meeting.
·         Suggest that they prepare for the next meeting`s discussions.
·         Encourage them to think about vocabulary, grammar, & expression they might need during discussion.
·         They should also think about their might express their opinion in English.
6.       Routine & Variety
Routine helps a club operate efficiently. It`s important to allow time for the routine things like announcements, reminder, questions & answer, & tidying the room at the end.
Variety helps club operate effectively. Variety can make meeting fun. When the members know that there will be different types of activities at meeting they will be more interested to come. They won`t get bored & the result will be better. 
7.       Having a fun with English
Club activities can provide many opportunities to do the thing you enjoy while using English.
Interests such as music, debate, drama, dance, sport, camping, movies, board games, & visiting tourist depending on the age & interest of club members.

Those are some tips how to make English Club be more interesting... Happy nice to practice my tips.. Before you leave this page you can visit THE IMPORTANT NEWS The Cheapest Hosting.

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